Lighting Production Services
Lighting | AudionX

Whether it's a wedding, presentation, corporate meeting, convention, concert or a multi-stage festival... AudionX can provide you with first class lighting!

Our lighting designers have the experience to create a lighting plot using intelligent lighting as well as conventional instruments. We can provide full design, operation, and rigging to include truss, trees and motors. Today's lighting technology allows us to deploy LED lighting and take advantage of low-current/high output wash lighting, moving lights and special effects.

Lighting Instruments

  • ADJ Mega Flash Strobes
  • Akai MIDI Controller
  • Blizzard Motif Sketch
  • Chauvet Amhaze II
  • Chauvet MotionOrb
  • Chauvet Rouge R1 Spots
  • Chauvet SlimPar Tri7
  • Chauvet SlimPar Tri12
  • Elation CUEPIX Blinder WW2
  • Grand MA on PC
  • Martin MAC 101

Power Distribution

  • 50 AMP Single Phase
    (20A Edison, 20A PowerCon, L14-30, 50A CS)
  • 200 AMP Single / Three Phase
    (20A Edison, 20A PowerCon, L14-30, 50A CS)
  • 200 AMP Three Phase
    (20A PowerCon, L14-30, L21-30, 50A CS, 19 Pin)
  • 30 AMP, 50 AMP CS & Cam Lock Feeder Cable & Break Outs
  • Edison & Powercon Quad Drops, Stage Stringers